Durability and Longevity that You Can Trust


Feather Friendly® bird deterrent markers are applied to exterior windows using specialized spacing patterns. The unique formation effectively reduces bird strikes by alerting birds of the window’s presence. Built for both durability and longevity, Feather Friendly® products use cast vinyl to ensure that your window markers are not only effective for many years, but also easy to maintain.

The Feather Friendly® Basic Product Warranty guarantees that all Feather Friendly® products are free from physical damage, visual and adhesive defects that are detrimental to its functionality.

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The Feather Friendly® Guarantee

Feather Friendly® Bird Deterrent Technology is designed for a long life with no special maintenance required.

The base product is a premium outdoor-rated film that uses design specifications to provide long-term collision deterrence. Although results are location-specific, the serviceable life expectancy for Feather Friendly® Commercial and DIY products will exceed 15 years when installed correctly.


Product Care and Maintenance

For optimal results, you may clean your protected windows with common window cleaning solutions, such as detergent and water or Windex-type products and a soft cloth, synthetic sponge or soft rubber squeegee. Do not apply heavy pressure during cleaning. Power washing is not recommended.

If your product has arrived damaged, please consult the following instructions to activate the product warranty:

  1. Visit our Contact Page to get in touch with a customer service representative. Submit a statement to Feather Friendly® within 30 days of receipt of goods. Prior approval must be given before any defective material(s) may be returned.
  2. At the sole discretion of Feather Friendly®, we will refund the price or replace the Feather Friendly® product found to be defective before installation only.  

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Disclaimer: In no case shall Feather Friendly® be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, including any labour or non-Feather Friendly® materials charges.