Project Recognition

Show how you made a difference with a
Custom Window Graphic, Certificate of Appreciation,
Case Study or Social Media Promotion.

Celebrate and Educate with our free Project Recognition Program! The Project Recognition Program is our way of thanking you for helping birds, and it’s a great way to educate people about the issue of bird-glass collisions. Best of all, our Project Recognition Program costs you nothing! We created the Program as a way for our customers to both celebrate and bring attention to this important bird conservation strategy. Whether you just completed your Feather Friendly® installation today, or finished it years ago, we are happy to send you any or all of the Project Recognition materials for free. It’s our way of giving back, and helping spread awareness about the problem and what can be done to solve it.

Group 263

Window Graphic

fully customizable, made with your organization’s logo.

New PRP Certificates (11.5 × 9 in)

Certificate of Appreciation

a recognition plaque that is ready to hang!

Group 264

Case Study

a story about your organization and the parties
involved (including you, the architect, builders,
volunteers, etc.) that brings awareness to the issue.

Group 265

Social Media Promotion

photos of your building help spread the word, and
show how you are making a difference.

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