Feather Friendly® is the trusted choice for preventing bird collisions on commercial buildings. Our markers are highly effective in making glass visible to birds and preventing deadly collisions, without compromising a building’s aesthetics or views inside and out. Unlike film coverings, Feather Friendly® markers cover only about 8% of the glass, minimizing the visual impact while maximizing the durability and longevity of your treatment.

Experience Counts

Since its inception in 2006, Feather Friendly® has years of experience installing markers on commercial buildings. Whether we’re completing a large-scale installation for a new construction project, retrofitting an older building, or creating a custom design, Feather Friendly® Bird Deterrent Technology is made to last. Our markers are used successfully worldwide in all climates and environments without compromising quality or performance.


Feather Friendly® boasts a number of projects that were installed more than a decade ago and still outperform after exposure to window cleaning and harsh weather in Toronto - the first city in the world to create Safe Building Bylaws in bird conservation, which Feather Friendly® helped establish. In addition to presence across North America, Feather Friendly® Bird Deterrent Technology is expanding globally, with major projects completed in USA, Poland, South Korea, Australia, Brazil and Panama.

Feather Friendly® continually improves and adapts our products to meet the needs of our commercial clients. Since its inception, Feather Friendly® Technologies, in association with Convenience Group, has worked closely with leading authorities on bird collisions, developing a number of innovative patent-pending technologies. Feather Friendly® proprietary product is fabricated using a combination of high-quality materials and has an expected lifespan of 15+ years.

The Commercial product comes in a 36" x 150' roll (approx. 450 sq ft) of ¼ markers.

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Feather Friendly® Commercial Solution for Windows & Glass Curtain Walls

Collisions can occur when birds attempt to fly to the mirrored images of sky or vegetation they see in reflective glass. Feather Friendly® Commercial Solution is applied to the outside of the window or glass curtain wall to prevent collisions by breaking up and reducing surface reflections.

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Stock Patterns

Preset styles make it easy to prevent bird collisions



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