Clear Railing Systems

Bird collisions with glass panel fences are fast-becoming a major issue with the rising trend of clear railing systems. Feather Friendly® Black Markers are more visible on both sides of the glass, which makes them more effective at preventing collisions from both sides.

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Why Black Markers?

Collisions can also occur when birds try to “fly through” a space where there are clear barriers, such as on clear railing systems. Just as vision strips prevent humans from walking into glass barriers, Feather Friendly® Black Markers alert birds to the presence of a clear solid surface.

Feather Friendly® continually improves and adapts our products to meet the needs of our commercial clients. Since its inception, Feather Friendly® Technologies, in association with Convenience Group, has worked closely with leading authorities on bird collisions, developing a number of innovative patent-pending technologies. Feather Friendly® proprietary product is fabricated using a combination of high-quality materials and has an expected lifespan of 15+ years.
Clear railing systems

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