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Door Patter
Window Pattern
Window Pattern
3/4 tape
3/4 tape bigger
2" square tape

ABC BirdTape must be installed on the exterior surface of the window to be effective (see FAQ below for more). Install on a day without precipitation when the temperature is above 10°C or 50°F.

Group 1730


Group 1724

Start with a clean window. Use water to clean the window where ABC BirdTape will be applied. Do not use Windex or other cleaning sprays, which can leave a residue that prevents ABC BirdTape from adhering to the surface.




If using the tape, cut to the length needed. If using the squares, place them individually. See recommended patterns and spacing below.

Group 1725


Group 1726

Peel off the backing and press it onto the glass. Use the edge of a plastic card to smooth out any air bubbles.



1. Spray the tape with a solution of soap and water.

2. Use a razor blade window scraper (available at hardware stores or online - essentially a razor blade with a handle) to scrape off the tape. Use the scraper to lift the corner edge, then peel off the remainder of the product in larger sections.

3. Use adhesive solvent to remove any remaining residue.

How To Remove

Group 1713


Recommended Patterns and Pattern Spacing

We focus on the patterns, but birds focus on the open space. For birds, patterns need to
appear as solid objects, while open spaces should appear too small for them to fly
through. It’s crucial that birds see no viable way to fly between the tape. We recommend
patterns with spacing that is no farther apart than 2 inches by 2 inches. Some
recommended patterns are pictured here, but you can get creative with your patternmaking
as long as it follows the 2”x2” rule!

Mask Group 168-1

2" squares positioned 2" apart
in a grid pattern

Mask Group 169-2

2" squares positioned 2" apart
in a offset pattern

Mask Group 170-1-1

75" tape, poitioned 2" apart
in a vertical stripe pattern

Mask Group 171-1-1-1

75" tape, poitioned 2" apart
in a diagonal stripe pattern

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